Fried v. JP Morgan Chase Class Action Settlement

If you entered into a loan modification serviced by Chase, had a PMI Automatic Termination Date on or after April 1, 2013, and made one or more payments for PMI after your Automatic Termination Date and before the date, if any, that Chase ceased servicing your loan, and those payments were not fully refunded to you (a “PMI Overpayment”), you have a right to know about a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit and your options. “Automatic Termination Date” means the date on which your obligation to pay for PMI would have automatically terminated by statute under the Court’s interpretation of the HPA.

If you have received a Notice, you have been identified from available records as an eligible Class Member. The Court ordered that you be given this Notice because you have a right to know about the proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit, and about your options, before the Court decides whether to approve the Settlement. If the Court approves it, and after any appeals are resolved, an administrator approved by the Court will oversee the Settlement Payments that the Settlement allows.

Please read this website carefully; your legal rights may be affected.

Detailed information about the settlement is available in the Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) section of this website.  You can also find a copy of the Class Notice issued by the Court.

DO NOTHING If you entered into a mortgage modification serviced by Chase and you made a PMI Overpayment, you do not have to do anything to receive a Settlement Payment. Your Settlement Payment will be made automatically by check if the Court approves the Settlement and it becomes final. By remaining in the Settlement Class, you will give up the right to sue on your own regarding claims that are part of the Settlement
EXCLUDE YOURSELF FROM THE CLASS BY JUNE 26, 2019 If you opt out of the Settlement, you will not be eligible to receive a Settlement Payment, but you will keep your right to sue on your own regarding any claims that are part of the Settlement
OBJECT OR COMMENT BY JUNE 26, 2019 You may write to the Court about why you do, or do not, like the Settlement. You must remain in the Settlement Class to comment in support of or in opposition to the Settlement
APPEAR IN THE LAWSUIT OR ATTEND A HEARING ON JULY 25, 2019 You may ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the Settlement. You may enter your appearance in Court through an attorney at your own expense if you so desire.

The Court will hold a Fairness Hearing in this case on July 25, 2019, at 2:00 p.m., at the Federal Courthouse located at the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, 50 Walnut Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102, in Courtroom MLK 4A.   At this hearing, the Court will determine whether to grant final approval of the settlement. If there are objections, the Court will consider them. The Court will listen to only those Class Members who have made timely written requests to speak at the hearing. You may appear at the hearing in person or through your attorney at your own cost, but you are not required to do so. This hearing may be rescheduled by the Court without further notice to you.


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